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Enjoy gel-based popular senior games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Maze, Racetrack and more. Get senior 12 piece, 26 piece, or 56 piece puzzles for a great activity for your loved one. Plus simple, but enjoyable card games. And Activity Books to spur your creativity.

Activity Devices

Find the specialty clothing you need for your rehabilitation including post surgery apparel with zippers (that look like athletic wear), t-shirts with snaps for torn rotator cuff, shoulder and broken arm surgeries and mastectomy clothing. Get the waterproof protection for arms or legs for bathing, showering and water sports. Shirts with magnets instead of buttons for Parkinson's, arthritis, stroke and more.

Adaptive Clothing

Celebrate the special occasions in life. Get the birthday party items you need for your loved one. Find the invitations, dinner plates, dessert plates, dinner napkins, beverage napkins, paper cups, tablecloths and more. Buy the extra special beverage napkins for the 60, 70, 80, or 90 year old birthday! Your loved one will be glad you did. And Retirement Party time, too!

Celebrate Older Adult Special Occasions

Helpful products for any special occasion for a senior loved one!

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Featured Helpful Products
  • Long Sleeve Blouse with magnets instead of buttons. See video below.
  • Easier dressing for those with limited mobility and dexterity.
  • Look good, feel better.
  • Ideal for loved ones with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ALS or Stroke.
  • If you have a pacemaker, please consult a physician before using this shirt.

A Long Sleeve Blouse for Women with Magnets for Buttons - Gingham

  • Ideal for persons with various stages of memory loss.
  • Provide cognitive stimulation and minimize boredom.
  • Easy set up by caregiver.

Activity - 26 Piece Garden Puzzle

  • Made to help loved ones see and eat their food and liquid.
  • Red color helps contrast with food and liquid color.
  • Proven research (Boston University) shows high color contrast of tableware helps people with Alzheimer's eat and drink more.


Alzheimer's Redware Deluxe Tableware Set

  • Ideal for loved ones challenged by eating and drinking.
  • Protects clothing and reduces caregiver cleanup.
  • Machine washable, wrinkle resistant and stain resistant.


Bib - Cloth Neck Napkin

  • Helps you be healthy and keeps your quality of life at home.
  • Helps you communicate your health needs better and makes your hospital and doctor visits easier.

Health Check Binder

  • Made for loved one who wanders within or from house or building.
  • Keeps loved one from unsafe room, house, or building exit.
  • Place door guard on any door: outside exit, basement door, bathroom door, or garage exit.


Stop Sign - Alzheimer's Wanderer

  • PT WEAR - MEN'S PANTS. Athletic pants and shorts in one garment! The lightweight and breathable Camp Pant is the most versatile piece in the REBOUNDWEAR™ line. Zippers at the side seams and knee accommodate casts, boots, knee/ankle/foot braces, and even external fixation devices.
  • Pull loops minimize the need to bend over while dressing. Super convenient post hip and other orthopedic surgeries. Zip off at the knee for medical evaluations, PT treatments, workouts, and icing.

The Camp PT Pants for Rehab

  • MEN'S PT WEAR TEE. Five strategic zipper openings at the shoulders, side seams, and front. Allows easy access to every part of the torso, neck and shoulders!
  • Makes dressing and undressing easy for people recovering from injury, broken bones, pre & post surgery, the elderly, and the disabled. No need to fully undress for physical therapy treatments, icing, and doctor examinations.
  • Accommodates braces, casts, and slings.
  • Perfect for shoulder surgeries such as rotator cuff surgery and shoulder replacement surgery. No need to disrupt wound site.

The Jim PT Tee for Rehab

Welcome to! improves the lives of people getting older and the people who care about them. There are proven adaptive devices, assistive devices, and activity devices throughout this online store that make the lives of loved ones and caregivers better and to avoid hospital readmissions.

Find adaptive devices, assistive devices and activity devices made for aging parents or handicapped individuals, older adults with the effects of arthritis, brain injury, Huntington's, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease or stroke; loved ones with dementia including Alzheimer's Disease, or caregivers of elderly, seniors, special needs and disabled individuals or family members with autism, chronic medical conditions and disabilities.

Also, find help with alzheimers activities, senior assistive devices for drinking and eating, fall prevention, hip protection, home medical equipment, no monthly fee medical alerts, positioning in a bed or chair or wheelchair, memory care, remote monitoring, retirement party supplies, skin and body care, wandering, wheelchair accessories and celebrating older adult birthdays and retirements.

Look for help with bathing, grooming, home medical supplies, meal time, rehab, sleeping, taking medication, toileting, traveling, walking, wheelchair sitting and special breast cancer awareness items. Comfortable clothing in Wellness Wear, too!

Find disability products to help you with aids to daily living and elder care. Caregiver supplies are here for nursing homes, assisted living, group homes, independent living and home health care. Help your loved one and your caregiver today.


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