Advance Health Care Directive

It is time to do something really special. A gift for you and your family. And then you can have a happier time with the people you care about.

The gift? Advance Health Care Directive.

Do you have one? What about your parents? Any other family members?

It's for you. It's for your family. It's for the people you care about.

Make it a personal commitment to complete an Advance Health Care Directive.

It's your health care right. It's your obligation to family and those who care about you. It gives you the opportunity to direct your healthcare wishes in advance of when you may not be able to. When your health is good is the best time to think clearly about your choices.

Make it a happier year!

Take the time now to give important thought to issues like picking the person to represent you in health care decisons, being kept alive on machines, quality of life, and dying. If you are over 18 and understand what you are doing (requirements in many states), you need an Advance Health Care Directive. And what about your grandparents, parents, adult children or other loved ones? Do they have an Advance Health Care Directive?

Make it a priority.

An Advance Health Care Directive usually consists of a Power of Attorney for Health Care and a Living Will. In some states these documents are combined into a single form. Or you can draft your own legal document with an attorney.

In simple terms, the purpose of the Power of Attorney for Health Care is for a person you appoint to make health care decisions for you when you can't. You have discussed with that person what your health care wishes are. The form is a written authorization with witnesses. The purpose of the Living Will is for your physician to know your wishes for life-sustaining measures. It is in writing when you are unable to make your own healthcare decisions.

Click below for more detailed help.

Caring Connections - a great site for each state's Advance Directives and more.

There are other valuable websites, but this can get you started with very good information on decisions that need to be made. Take the time now. Gather the information. Think about what you want. Talk with people close to you. Take action. Complete an Advance Health Care Directive.

Have one more thing to be thankful for this year!