Aids to Daily Living

Adaptive and assistive devices to help loved ones in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere around their living environment. Also, helpful products for traveling.

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  • Help loved one with arthritis or limited finger or hand mobility.
  • Reduces stress and pressure on fingers and hand while brushing, eating, writing.
  • Comfortable silicone "egg "shaped grip can be positioned on pen, pencil, silverware, toothbrush with a squeeze.


  • Easy for loved one to signal for assistance.
  • Use for distress, power failure
  • Simple, no installation.

Help Bell

  • Made for the loved one using crutches, a walker or even a wheelchair.
  • Makes it easier to carry drink, food or personal items while using crutches, walker or even a wheelchair.
  • Simplifies the way to carry things when faced with less mobility.

The Crutch Buddy

  • Makes it easier to button shirts and pull zippers for loved one with limited finger and hand mobility.
  • Help with grooming.
  • Easy grip with plastic handle.

Button Hook and Zipper Pull

  • Two great products together: Handy Bar and Swivel Cushion!
  • Made for individual getting in and out of the car.
  • Prevent falls; avoid back or hip strain.
  • Made for seniors, expectant mothers, and those recovering from surgery or injury.
  • Save $5.00 when you buy the combo!


Car Exit Combo

  • Ideal for the loved one with weakened hands and using doors with round door handles.
  • Easier to open and close doors with extension handle.
  • Easy to use for anyone with hand, arm or leg disabilities.


Door Knob Extenders