Alzheimer's, Dementia And Driving

When the diagnosis is dementia, one of the first concerns for a caregiver is what to do about the loved one driving a car. The American Academy of Neurology issued new guidelines for doctors in their evaluation of dementia and driving. Family members and scores from a standard dementia test provided the best input in the decision on driving.

Also, the Family Caregiving Alliance has excellent criteria to follow when faced with making the dementia and driving decision. These four factors are important steps in the decision process:

  1. Observe behavioral signs.
  2. Arrange for an independent driving evaluation.
  3. Continue to monitor driving.
  4. Ask loved one to co-pilot.

The Family Caregiver Alliance Dementia and Driving fact sheet has excellent info on these four factors and on making the driving transition easier. Since most dementia is progressive, the driving decision is inevitable.

And visit the Alzheimer's Association's helpful Dementia and Driving Resource Center.