Caregiver Great Books, Blogs And Sites

Very Special Caregiver Books! Brenda Avadian brings together three exceptional books on her experience as a caregiver and storys from other caregivers. Get the books right here on Books for Caregivers An excellent free resource for local senior homes, including retirement communities, assisted living, memory care and nursing homes. Plus articles on important senior housing topics.

Elder Rage, Or Take My Father ... Please! Best-selling book by advocate/speaker, Jacqueline Marcell, a Book-of-the-Month Club receiving 350+5-Star Amazon reviews and required text at numerous universities. Take the opportunity to review for informational blog entries and a wealth of senior housing and care options.

Connecting You With Quality Senior Care Options. This website has really good information for senior services including nursing home ratings, home care agency checklists, ideas on paying for senior care and so much more. Go to

Taking Charge: Good Medical Care For The Elderly And How To Get It by Jeanne M Hannah is an excellent resource to help caregivers confidently work with medical care providers to prevent future medical complications for their loved one. Go to for more.

Never Lost Wristbands is a super gift item for a loved one who wanders. The soft ID bracelet with personal information inside is a great help for anyone who comes in contact with your loved one. Get all the details you need at Never Lost Wristbands.

Coaching Coaches by Coach Finnie is a sports related book, but has many thought provoking quotes and communication tips appropriate to caregivers and family members. Go to for more.

Aging In Place Technology Watch by Laurie Orlov is an informative blog analyzing the market for technologies that help boomers and seniors stay in their homes. See more good things and subscribe at her site:

The Caregiver's Voice is the independent voice for family and professional caregivers of adults with brain impairment or dementia caused by Alzheimer's, stroke, related illneses, or trauma. Their mission is to bring hope and strength to caregivers of adults with brain impairment through knowledge, support, resources, and humor. Find the information you need at The Caregiver's Voice.

Talk Early ... Talk Often from Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds is an exceptional website for information on talking with aging parents. Topics include senior issues like driving, financial planning, health care, home safety and so much more. Find all the information at And the website title is so true for everyone!

Consider The Conversation is a documentary film and related website about a taboo subject: end of life. It is a thought provoking look at end of life care through a variety of people willing to share their experiences. Make sure you have the conversation with your loved ones. Click on for more. Blog. The informational leader for you on help with aging, disabilities, and health care concerns. Stay updated. Stay informed.