Falls Prevention

Assistive Devices for Falls Prevention from a bed, a chair, a toilet, a bathtub, a car and while walking. Plus, HELP I'VE FALLEN no monthly fee medical alert devices to give family members and neighbors peace of mind. Find the elderly bed alerts made for loved ones and caregivers. Special clothing, too!

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  • Ideal for handicapped or disabled loved one with limited mobility.
  • Makes it easier to get in and out of bathtub.
  • Sit outside tub, raise legs, and slide over to put legs in tub.

Bath Bench With Seat Back

  • Two great products together: Handy Bar and Swivel Cushion!
  • Made for individual getting in and out of the car.
  • Prevent falls; avoid back or hip strain.
  • Made for seniors, expectant mothers, and those recovering from surgery or injury.
  • Save $5.00 when you buy the combo!


Car Exit Combo

  • Great for loved one to contact caregiver for assistance.
  • Useful for voice impaired, hearing impaired, vision impaired or loved one prone to fall.
  • Two pieces: pendant for loved one and pager for caregiver.

Caregiver Local Pager

  • Peace of mind for caregiver.
  • Keeps loved one safe and secure.
  • Great for loved one living alone or needs extra support.
  • Sends text message or email notification based on activity.

Evermind - Home Activity Monitor

  • Made to protect loved one’s hips.
  • Protects hip areas with foam pad inside pants.
  • Multiple colors and waist sizes.

Hip Protector Sweat Pants

  • Help for loved one who wanders, has limited vision, or may fall.
  • Light goes on when you walk by.
  • Mount anywhere; no wires or installation!

Motion Sensor with Light