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Bath Tub Handle

Price: US$39.75

Caregiver Local Pager

Price: US$41.75

Bed Side Rail

Price: US$89.75

Motion Sensor with Light

Price: US$19.75

Motion Sensor Night Light

Price: US$32.75

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Wheelchair Armrest with Lateral Support
  • Ideal for loved one after stroke or who leans.
  • Provides support for arm and torso while in wheelchair.
  • Keeps loved oneís arm in padded slot on wheelchair arm.

Product Code: 2418



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  • Works with either wheelchair arm.
  • Secure armrest with Velcro straps.
  • Wipes clean.
  • Single.

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Elbow/Heel Pad with Gel
  • Great for loved one with dry or cracked skin around elbow or heel.
  • Gel moisturizes the skin.
  • Two sizes: medium for up to 110 lbs., large for over 110 lbs.
Our Price: US$21.75

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Stroke Arm Vest (Muff Vest)
  • Ideal for loved one after a stroke, arm injury or shoulder injury.
  • Keeps weakened arm in sling on front of vest.
  • Sling blends in with clothing.
  • Muff Vest.
Our Price: US$64.75

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Positioning Support
  • Made for loved one who canít control sliding to one side.
  • Prevents leaning to one side while sitting.
  • Works in a wheelchair, most chairs, and most front car seats.


Our Price: US$119.75

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Wheelchair Armrest Pads
  • Keep loved one comfortable while in wheelchair.
  • Protect arms and skin.
  • Secure armrest pads around wheelchair arm with attached Velcro.
Our Price: US$35.75

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Wheelchair Footrest Leg Bumper
  • Ideal for loved one using wheelchair frequently.
  • Protects loved oneís leg resting against metal footrest.
  • Secures to footrest leg with attached Velcro straps.
Our Price: US$12.75

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Wheelchair Seat Cushion - Foam
  • Help for loved one in wheelchair.
  • Provides comfort for buttocks. Prevent skin issues. 
  • Straps to back of wheelchair.
Our Price: US$34.75

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Wheelchair - Silver Sport
  • Ideal for transporting your loved one safely.
  • Assists in keeping your loved one mobile.
  • Comfortable 18" seat width. 


Our Price: US$149.75

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Feel Good Seat
  • Makes loved one feel good in the comfort of wheelchair, recliner, or any chair.
  • Provides comfort to arms, back, and butt.
  • Machine washable.


Our Price: US$49.75

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Scooper Plate
  • Made for loved one with limited finger and hand control or use of only one hand.
  • Keeps food from sliding off silverware and plate.
  • Designed for people with limited muscle control or the use of only one hand.
  • Red or sandstone. 
  • Non-skid base.
Our Price: US$6.50

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Swivel Cushion
  • Made for individual to get in and out of any seat.
  • Prevent back and hip strain.
  • Effortless entry and exit from sitting position.
  • Easy to swing legs and lower body around!
Our Price: US$39.75

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