Medication Management

Medication management assistive devices to keep seniors safe and healthy. Be sure the right information is available and up to date.

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  • Helps you be healthy and keeps your quality of life at home.
  • Helps you communicate your health needs better and makes your hospital and doctor visits easier.

Health Check Binder

  • Made for keeping medications and insulin cool and safe.
  • Use for cosmetics, skin-care products, lotions, snacks, too.
  • Great for traveling!

Cool Medicine Bag

  • Made for loved one with arthritis, limited hand or finger strength, or limited dexterity.
  • Helps open jars, pill bottles, pop-top cans, doors, and more!
  • Great price for multi-functional gripping tool.
  • SPECIAL PRICING! All Sales Final.

E-Z Grip

  • Ideal for loved one with health issues using multiple medications, and for the caregiver.
  • Keep loved one's medical information organized and nearby.
  • Includes card holder slots for insurance cards, doctors cards, prescription slips and more!
  • SPECIAL PRICING! All Sales Final.

Medical Info Pocket Book

  • Made for loved one needing help with taking medications.
  • Great reminders for daily medications; holds all your prescriptions!
  • Includes a talking alarm clock for audio and verbal reminders.

Medication Center with Talking Alarm Clock

  • Made for loved one taking pills once per day.
  • Good reminder on taking meds.
  • Easy to lift each day section open.
  • Great for traveling!

Pill Box – 7 Day