Fall safety devices in the bathroom and help for the incontinent.

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  • Made for loved one who is unstable walking on their own or prone to wander.
  • Alerts caregiver when loved one gets off chair or bed.
  • When loved one leaves chair or moves out of bed, magnet pulls off control unit and alarm sounds.

Alarm - Magnetic

  • Made for loved one who is unstable moving from sitting to standing position.
  • Alerts caregiver nearby when loved one gets off toilet seat.
  • Includes Toilet Seat Sensor Pad and Control Unit.

Alarm - Toilet Seat

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  • Ideal for loved one with limited mobility.
  • Place where needed.
  • Easily opens and folds, portable, easy to lift.


  • Made for loved one with limited or no control over bowel movements.
  • Easier clean up for caregiver.
  • Protects bed or chair.

Incontinent Underpad

  • Ideal for incontinent loved one, athletic family member, or your pet during car travels.
  • Protects car seat from urine, dirt, lotion, sweat, spills and much more!
  • Easy to install or move.



  • Made for loved one using adult diapers, personal care and incontinence products.
  • Scientifically formulated fragrance neutralizes odor and colored bag conceals contents.
  • 50 bags in a package.

Scented Hygiene Bags